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Set-Apart Music 

                                Psalm 47:6-7

"Sing praises to Elohim (God), sing praises: sing praises unto our King, sing praises.

7 For Elohim (God) is the King of all the earth: sing ye praises with understanding.

Positive music from the African Hebrew Israelite Community in Dimona, Israel at the Village of Peace.

AhdaiYah has was sadly involved in a car accident that resulted in her passing. She was an inspiration to the Hebrew community with her soulful and classic melodies she shared with the world. If you have any interest in donating to her family, here is some more information you can inquire into. 

Praise The Most High Yah, Elohim of Yisrael in the name of his Son Yahusha

Shalom! This page spreads the truth of The Gospel through Hip Hop. Against The Adversary is a Hip Hop group based in Detroit MI with clean lyrics all the time!

Hip-hop artist from the Israel Noww Assembly in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Israylite Heritage Presents Set Apart Music.

Desmond Dekker was a Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician. Together with his backing group The Aces, he had one of the earliest international reggae hits with "Israelites". Other hits include "007", "It Mek" and "You Can Get It If You Really Want".

Fred & the Genius AHAYA,)..I was sent here to Undo what the Music Industry did to the minds of the people. We are Edifying our people "The True Hebrew Israelite's" according to the bible, about the real truth in the Bible, thru music & poems, Here at AHAYAH RECORDS. Everything we do is lead by the Most High. We're giving our people music to help them thru these end times shown in Bible prophecy. Its designed to make you feel good, to be uplifted, praise the Father & hear the truth at the same time. Come on this musical journey with us, back to the Father where there is unimaginable peace, love & joy. 

My Mission as a recording artist is to provide set apart music and motivation that will lead you back to The Word of Yah. With lyrics heavily based on scripture, my passion is using acoustic sounds to create refreshing music experiences that will help nurture you and keep you focused on your spiritual journey. You can join in this mission as we all continue to seek a deeper connection with Yahuah together at

Welcome to the Nubreed Music and Motivation Channel. This is the official Artist Channel For Spiritually woke artist. We want this place to be a haven for expression and creativity. On this Channel we will have mid-day motivational talks and display different forms of art from various people. I will be sharing some of my exclusive music, as well.This is a proposition to all artist who would like to have there content played for exposure, as long as your art doesn't have copyright restrictions. Prepare for a phenomenal artistic experience.

John 17:17 Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

Affiliate of the world renowned hip-hop group The Wu-Tang Clan, Killah Priest may be the first hip-hop artist to go into detail about the identity of the biblical Hebrew Israelites on a commercially successful album.

Hip-hop artist from the Great Awakening Assembly in Detroit Michigan.

Dedicated in his walk, Lorvins showcases a musical artistry that can be called the standards of Truth Music. Within his collection, it is clear that he is a servant of YAH on a mission to spread his word. Born in the Bahamas, his sound is enriched in raw elements that capture the soul. 

Praise and Worship music for the Lord and His people.

Ron Kenoly is an international Worship Leader, Singer, Songwriter and Teacher. Born in Coffeyville, Kansas, Ron Kenoly has diligently used his gifts from our Heavenly Father to impact the kingdom of Heaven. To-date, his express mission remains steadfast “to create an environment for the manifest presence of our Heavenly Father.”

Young Daughers of Zion Hip-hop artists from the Cinicinatti, Ohio.

Hip-hop artist from the Chosen Seed Assembly in Detroit Michigan.

Sounds of Sinai (SOS) was birthed out of the sincere passion of members of The New Covenant Congregation of Israel (NCCI) Tabernacle Elohim. Each member has dedicated their gift of praise to minister truth in song and worship to The Most High God (Yah) according to Ps 68:4, so that others may be edified.

South African school kids showcasing their talent through singing, worship, and praise.

We are a set apart group of believers. We believe in THE MOST HIGH YAH (Psalm 68:4), and believe that we have to keep HIS commandments , and have the faith in HIS SON YAHUSHUA The MessiYAH. We do not call YAHUSHUA(YAHSHUA) by the pagan name of Jesus. Look up the origin of the name of Jesus and you will see why. We also believe that we are the Hebrews that THE Scriptures talk about, and are decendants of the tribes of Israel. (According to Deuteronomy Chapter 28).

Hip hop flows through my veins. I have been connecting words and punch lines since the age of 11. I have had many successes but many more failures. At the end of the day though, its always been about the art form with me. Bottom line. I consider myself a veteran when it comes to subject matter and words. I am at the point with my music now that it just flows in and then out. Its therapy for me.


Truth Music Worship

All praises to Yahuah through his son Yahusha Ha’Mashiach
Here to uplift, encourage, inspire, love.

I pray you find the light of Yah on every page, in every piece of music you hear, and in all words formulated. My goal is to point you UPWARD.

Hip-hop artist from Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to Release Day Records where exciting, uplifting and inspirational conscious music/production can be found. In a world where sex, drugs, and demise are glorified, your mind can enjoy the pleasure of receiving a continuous mental and emotional recess from all forms of negativity. The mission of Release Day Records is Deliverance, Awareness and Positive Musical Options.

In 2017 Truth Music Artist Darak iBar gained a buzz in the Israelite community through his 60 second freestyles on social media. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia; Darak’s vivid storytelling keeps his psalms in minds of believers worldwide.

The official YouTube channel of Daud Akeem and Appointed Music Group.

Married Couple. Psalmist. Kingdom Builders.

worship music for the lost sheep


Born and raised in Detroit, MI, John Bidden has been serving the Most High Yahuah as a worship leader since 1999. Developing worship training workshops for music ministries called “Davidic Apostolic Sound of the House”, John teaches and empowers churches how to develop and sustain their own distinct sound for God’s presence!

Norwood produces soulful songs of Zion—ethnic renditions of the book of Psalms, and messages of faith some of which are arranged in the language of modern Hebrew combining natural eastern sounds with captivating melodies of Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Soul to offer powerful lyrics, praises, and focused worship to YAHWEH, the G-d of Israel as told from the Hebrew Bible.

Makellow a Truth Music rapper by the will of Yahuah!

All Praises to THE MOST HIGH. This Channel is For Edification, Encouragement, and Entertainment.

Magnifying The WORD of The MOST HIGH GOD YAH of Israel through my Truth Music Ministry... ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH GOD of Israel

Born and raised in Lansing,MI. My mission with my music is to bring the true message of the most high YAHUAH and YAHSHUA the son of the most high. All praises to father YAHUAH through YAHSHUA for my talent and being able to reach others through this platform 

Hip hop artist from Houston, TX.

Simchah Yahu's channel will give Exclusive hints of what she doing next as Yahuah continues to use her for His esteem when it comes to her music journey...

Truth music artist from Indianapolis, Indiana

Gospel Singer

Dallas-based female singer-songwriter bringing life and truth, in the form of music, to the world, for the world.

“Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Tsyun! For look, I am coming, and shall dwell in your midst,” declares יהוה. -ZakarYah 2:10

Zaydok is a gifted Christian rap artist who goes hard for the God who’s saved him from his own sin and will use his music to uplift his name.NO COMPROMISE!

Shalom to you! All praises to the Highest in his son for visiting! I'm a Grammy Balloted, Award Winning, 2x Billboard Charting & Apple Music Singer-Songwriter of the Nation of Israel.

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